IDEALS - The Six Step Process for Giving Feedback

IDEALS – The Six Step Process for Giving Feedback

Six Steps Feedback

In his book Hundred Percenters: Challenge Your Employees to Give It Their All and They’ll Give You Even More, Mark Murphy has provided a simple six step process for giving more effective feedback. Use these 6 steps to ensure feedback is effective.

1. Invite

Invite them to have an open dialogue with you so that you also hear their side of the story. Start with “Do you have a few minutes to discuss XYZ? “

2. Disarm

If an employee thinks that you are going to be overtly critical of their performance, they will enter the conversation with extreme anxiety. Ensure that your tone and body language reflect a neutral or positive vibe. “I want to understand more about XYZ and how it happened. “

3. Eliminate Blame

Fighting a blame game doesn’t help either parties. Instead try and steer the conversation towards finding a solution. “ We might have a difference of opinion over XYZ, but let’s try and work towards a solution.”

4. Affirm Their Control

It’s important for people to feel that they are in control of the situation. Regularly ask questions like “ Does this sound okay to you?”

5. List Corrections

List specific corrective measures you want them to take while clearly explaining the reasons behind each measure. “ Your current focus seems to be XYZ, however I would like you to improve your ABC so that we can achieve CDE.”

6. Synchronize

Keep the atmosphere collaborative. “ How can we work together to avoid XYZ in future? ”

Now that you know the steps to give feedback, read more about the essential elements to make feedback more effective.

How do you give feedback to employees at workplace? Feel free to share your stories in comments below.

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