Help employees find meaning in their work, no matter what they do.

Help employees find meaning in their work, no matter what they do.

meaningful work

Key to helping employees find meaning in their work, no matter what they do.

1. Autonomy

Research says that the ability to make our own decision invigorates us and leaving our decisions in other’s hands drains us of energy. Help employees OWN their work – You can empower employees to find opportunities to own their work as they build trust with others through their performance. People are inclined to give their best performance when they feel they are in control of their career trajectory.

Also, are there areas of business that an employee is very passionate about ? Make sure you ask them about their interests so that you can align them to their interests when the opportunity arises.

TIP : Go through HappyOffice qualitative feedback for your team/company to understand more about areas your employees are passionate about.

2. Complexity

Obstacles help us grow and discover new facets of our personality. Every time we take up a new task whether is selling to a new & difficult customer or a ground breaking design or a new marketing initiative, there is always some risk of failure. It is during this process of overcoming everyone’s skepticism and delivering our best is when we strengthen our skills and personality. Complex and challenging work helps us improve our skills and become better at what we do.

Enable your employees to be the best they can at what they do. Are your employees looking for more challenging roles within the organization or Do you need to remove certain slow processes to enable them to be more productive? Always be on the lookout for changes that offer your employees the opportunity to take up more complex and challenging assignments.

3. Direct link between performance and recognition

Lucky are those who find their work inherently rewarding. For others recognition for their efforts in both financial and non-financial ways are important to continue on their path to finding meaning in what they do. Tangible reward for efforts creates the right incentive for people to continue to create value in their work. Whether it is a small note of Thank you, a quarterly award or a bonus, it is extremely important to recognize your people. As your employees put countless hours to improve themselves, take on bigger responsibilities and become masters at what they do make sure you take the time out to recognize them for these efforts.

Adults spend a major part of their lives at workplaces, and if you can help them find meaning in what they do you have paved a way for them to become the best version of themselves. How important is meaningful work to you and your organization? Leave your comments and suggestions below.

Chinmay is on a mission to bring out the best in everyone at work.He currently heads Sales and Marketing at HappyOffice.


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