Align Employees to Your Company’s Vision

Align Employees to Your Company’s Vision

Vision Alignment

Why is Vision Alignment important?

Companies with employees aligned to its vision and mission are not only more successful in meeting their goals, but are also able to reach those accomplishments faster. Helping employees align themselves to the company’s vision and mission makes them an integral part of the company’s success and inspires greater engagement leading to higher productivity and retention.

5 Steps to Align your employees to your company’s vision

1. Explain the vision & mission

Help people understand where the company & business stands today and why the vision & mission is required. Define the current situation (both good and bad) and show them where you plan to take them. This allows people to accept the reality and become more open to your message.

2. Describe how their work contributes towards the vision

Clearly demonstrate how, what people do everyday takes the company closer to its vision and mission. Define what activities & behavior from employees would help them align with the company’s vision and mission.

3. Recognize people who demonstrate this behavior

Make sure you appreciate people who are going out of their way to contribute towards the mission and vision. You don’t have to wait for the end of the year to appreciate them, make sure recognition is frequent and specific so that its most effective. Read more on how to recognize your people.

4. Share recognition stories across teams to promote the desired behavior

When you share stories of achievement and recognition across different teams and departments you inspire productive behavior. This creates the right incentive atmosphere for people to understand and align their efforts toward achieving the company’s mission and vision.

5. Monitor and course correct

As you roll out these changes, monitor and review how aligned employees feel towards the company vision. Don’t be afraid to tweak your strategy mid-way for best results.

TIP: Monitor the Vision Alignment driver in HappyOffice to measure your progress, and decode which groups are performing better(or worse) than others.

Vision Alignment

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