5 Steps for a Manager to Improve Employee Relations

5 Steps for a Manager to Improve Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Relationships are the key to productivity and retention

People leave managers, not companies is an often repeated remark in business circles. The relationship between an employee and their manager is central to an employee’s happiness and productivity. Poor attitude and morale due to fault manager – employee relationship not only effects individuals but also leads to a negative atmosphere for the whole team.

Steps to improve manager – employee relations

1. Be open to new ideas and initiatives

You can become a better manager by being more flexible and adaptable to the changing environment in your team/company. Your employees are the closest to ground work and will be the source of the best ideas for innovation and process improvement. Be open to ideas from the team and avoid clichéd lines like ” We have always done it this way!!”

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2. Be a coach and mentor

Do you remember the time you were a junior employee and a manager/leader had great impact on your professional career? On most days you would swear by such leaders and find them an inspiration throughout your life. It’s time for you to be such a leader for your team. Investing time in developing others will not only strengthen the bond between you & your team, but also lead to greater belief in your leadership and managerial abilities.

3. Be future focused

Does your team understand where the company is heading and how your team fits in the story? When employees don’t have clarity on the mission & vision and their role in it, it’s easy for them to get dissatisfied and disengaged. Take the time to make your team understand the role they are playing in the future of the company. Read more on how to align employees to your company’s vision.

4. Make sure your employees understand their focus areas

Your employees need to have objectives which they clearly understand and find inspiring. An employee’s performance is regularly adjudged based on achievement of these objectives. Stating them clearly after consultation with employees serves as an important guiding light for the employee.

5. Communicate regularly and ask for feedback

Effective communication is something common among all great leaders. Be sure to provide ample feedback to your employees on what’s working and what’s not. Make sure you are accessible and approachable to your team. Feedback is a two way street, do ask your employees on what they like/dislike about your managerial style.

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Manager Feedback

How do managers work to improve their relationship with employees and team members in your organization? Would love to hear your stories. Leave your comments and suggestions below.

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